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how to play with ziggs (if ur interested)

support synergy
- tank cc champ pref (or panth)
- if not, anything but yuumi
ZIGGS IS NOT EZREAL. i cannot farm off just q's (unless i have lost chapter). my q is not up every 5 sec.laning
- ziggs fighting angle is lvl 3 (sometimes lvl 2 if enemy is hard poked)
- ziggs can only poke if champs are set up (cc'd) or the enemy sits in minion wave
- if we are vs two aggro champs, just let them push level 2 and we can look to engage and kill near tower
- if we are losing bot or hard winning, u can look roam around level 3 (ill try to get u to level 3)
- ziggs is good with rift
- we can 4v4 or 5v5 rift at 8 min
- you dont need to wait for 3 plates to pop herald with ziggs